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A Brief Introduction...

Mildred Shaw - Mistress of the Malevolent

“Make no mistake, the potential is most assuredly there, somewhere deep within you I suspect, but the desire is clearly not. Such a pity too. You allow your ignorance of the craft and of our family history to silence you and hold you back. Are you ready to stand up and try to take control of your destiny? Do you dare trifle with me? Even if you are the one spoken of in the prophecies, which I highly doubt, mine is a destiny that has been written about for centuries. I dare you to challenge me! You will lose.” - Mildred Shaw


Unknowingly, Cara’s destiny is to face the most feared supernatural being that ever existed. However, having her powers bound by her grandmother before her thirteenth birthday, and her memories altered for her protection, the outcome of the prophecies, that have been handed down through the family for generations, are at risk of being altered. The discovery of a sacred amulet puts Cara on the path to whatever her fate will be, as she discovers family secrets that are devastating, intriguing and eye-opening. Will Cara gain control of her bound powers? Will they be enough to defeat this malevolent being, or will Mildred Shaw rise in power once again?


You’ll have to read the book to find out!