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Mildred Shaw  - Mistress of the Malevolent

Written by: Elizabetha

     Born an orphan into a family with suspicious talents, Cara has her powers bound and memories manipulated by her Grandmother the night before her thirteenth birthday. Both must be done to protect her from inherited, unmastered abilities, as well as to shield her from being discovered by others who have been waiting for her. One, in particular, has been searching for the woman spoken of in the prophecies and is out to do her unspeakable harm.

     Given the house in which she was raised, an old Victorian with unique and supernatural qualities of its own, Cara is finally put on the path to her true destiny. To defeat the one who will try to destroy her and take all which is meant to be hers. As the rightful owner of the house, Cara's powers come to fruition and Grandmother has no choice but to show her the way to that destiny. In part, placing her on the pursuit of a sacred amulet that has long disappeared and is somehow connected to her family’s dark past, one which Cara knew nothing about.


     Abandoning Cara physically, Grandmother influences other elements surrounding her that lead to vital self-discoveries. Now fully knowing what lay ahead, Cara wonders if she has what it will take to defeat this centuries-old malevolent presence wreaking havoc in her life. Will the forces that have been protecting and guiding her be enough? Or will this being, this profound evil, prove to be too powerful? Will Mildred Shaw rise in power to rule the supernatural realm once again, or will Cara substantiate that good will always overpower evil at all costs? The battle will prove to be an uncertain one; full of betrayal and risks. In the end, there will be only one victor, one that is left standing that will inherit and control all. That person will be all powerful, all knowing, all seeing; like a god from another time, another dimension. One with whom, you dare not reckon.